The Return Of...

by Fly My Pretties / 2005

Release Notes

Building on the first album's success, The Return Of... Fly My Pretties saw key members of the original cast reunite in 2005, and meet with new faces from the Wellington music scene to perform and record a new live album.

The Return of... introduced many to the smooth keys of Module, the soul-cry of Adi Dick (Seven Suns), the rolling rhythm of Jarney Murphy (The Black Seeds) and the smokey tones of rising songbird, Hollie Smith.

With the repertoire encompassing a diverse range of styles from folk-roots, to reggae, rock, new-soul, and blues; the themes repeatedly reflected the state of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand: A nation isolated in the pacific that is searching for its identity, while remembering where we have come from.

The DVD/CD box-set quickly became a popular album achieving gold-status and reaching 16th on the Top 40 album charts. The DVD is now a limited collectors item and is no longer pressed or available.

"The Return Of... Fly My Pretties is a superb presentation of some of the finest musical talent in this country." - JACK Magazine, 2006

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