About Fly My Pretties

Fly My Pretties is an ever changing collective. A collaborative musical & visual show, set in a theatre environment, featuring fresh & established contemporary musicians & artists.

The focus is on original music and artistic collaboration, but the surrounding themes and aesthetics have made it much more of an experience than a just a concert.

Since its inception, Fly My Pretties has grown to become a local legend of music that continues to reach people all over the world. Fly My Pretties first entered New Zealanders’ hearts and minds in 2004, with the idea from The Black Seeds front-man Barnaby Weir and Mikee Tucker (Loop), to assemble a talented and exciting group of Wellington-based musicians and record it live in an intimate environment.

The objective: To meet, exchange ideas, and then perform and record and film the results in front of a live audience.


Amiria Grenell, Anna Coddington, Anika Moa, Adi Dick, Aaron Tokona, Age Pryor, A Girl Named Mo, Bailey Wiley, Barnaby Weir, Brendan Moran, Craig Terris, Daren Siggley, Eva Prowse, Flip Grater, Flox, Fran Kora, Holly Arrowsmith, Hollie Smith, Iraia Whakamoe, Ills Winter, James Coyle, Jarney Murphy, Jayson Norris, Justin Firefly Clarke, Kara Gordon, L.A. Mitchell, Laughton Kora, Lee Prebble, Louis McDonald, Lisa Tomlins, Mailee Mathews, Mara TK, Mark Vanilau, Mike Fabulous, Miloux, Mel Parsons, Module, Nato, Nigel Patterson, Paul McLaney, Ria Hall, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo, Riki Gooch, Ryan Prebble, Samuel Flynn Scott, Shaun Blackwell, Tessa Rain, Tiki Taane, Toby Laing, Tom Watson

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