Tō Kātua Whānau / Family Tree

by Fly My Pretties / 2022

Release Notes


Watch the Waiata Anthems doco HERE

Fly My Pretties make their return with ‘Tō Kātua Whānau’, a Te Reo Māori version of their track ‘Family Tree’, translated and recorded as part of this year’s Waiata Anthems. The new single is released alongside an exclusive documentary streaming on TVNZ+, which follows FMP frontman Barnaby Weir on his journey to connect with his Māori heritage which was lost when his mother was adopted by a Pākehā family as a child. 

The new version of ‘Tō Kātua Whānau’ arrives alongside a studio recording of ‘Family Tree’ in English, which follows on from the most-recent Fly My Pretties releases of The Studio Recordings Parts One & Two, presenting songs from the catalogue recorded in studio for the first time.

With the original waiata exploring the roots of his lineage, its story ties in perfectly to coincide with Weir’s personal family journey. The Waiata Anthems documentary provides a snapshot into the displacement both Barnaby and his mother feel, not knowing their own whakapapa and ‘Tō Kātua Whānau’ truly represents the Weir’s ongoing journey of discovery into their Māori heritage 

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